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STATIC X CHAOS APPAREL (pronounced without the 'X') is an original, custom design clothing company based in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada operated solely by me; Jamie Fitzpatrick. All of my artwork is personally hand drawn and available on a variety of colors and sizes. As I am just starting up I am only selling my first wave of shirts currently, but other products will be coming soon!

About me:

I am a completely self taught artist, drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil. 20 years old, it has been a personal goal of mine to start up my own original clothing line since High School. My designs come from my state of mind at the time and are not limited to a single style or niche. I strive with my designs, to create something that I am proud of, and something that is eye catching. Vibrant colors, as well as stark contrast is the general direction I'm planning to go moving forward.

Origins of STATIC X CHAOS:

I can't take credit for the name. It was first coined by a friend of mine in my 2012 Social Studies class (Meghan) when she used it in an essay. It is a paradox as you can't have Chaos and Static (stationary) together as they cancel each other out, on the outside it means nothing, but it sounded cool and was always a term that stuck with me in the back of my head. After I designed my Galaxy Lion V1 in August 2015, I finally felt like I had made something that I wanted to wear myself and that's how it started. The logo itself was designed by me and made into existence with the help of my cousin, a local graphic designer (Shea Friesen). It can be flipped and meant to symbolize how they are equal and opposite forces. 8 points extend (counting the two "A's"), representing the 8 pointed star, the symbol of chaos. STATIC X CHAOS is what you take from it, to me it symbolizes my personal struggle with the conflicting forces of depression and anxiety and I how I can overcome it through art and expressing myself.

Currently owned and operated in the Airdrie, AB area. I *currently* print my designs through a Californian based company, Printful. They offer many different shirt styles, fits, colors, as well as other products that I shall be incorporating into my catalog as I keep expanding my online store.

As I am a new business, this is all a learning experience for me, but I value my personal integrity and attention to detail. All my products have to meet my standards and I hope that they will meet yours as well. Thank you for your interest in my artwork and I hope that you will support me and other local artists so we can continue to create!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact my personal E-mail: :)